This Pool Diver Has An Absolute Death Wish


Zero fucks given.

There’s nothing like diving into a swimming pool/the sea/any body of water from insanely high up, as it feels absolutely awesome when you’re (usually) plummeting through space only to be met with a cool, wet entry into a glorious body of water.

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However, despite how undeniably great such experiences are, I don’t think I would ever jump into a pool from a starting point that wasn’t sanctioned by the pool authorities (or whoever the hell decides to erect diving boards). I’m not this dude 8Booth though, who seemingly loves breaking into hotels and jumping into pools from the roof of said hotel.

He’s clearly a dangerous and unhinged dude:

Lol. He did look like he was going to miss it there for a second, but of course 8Booth got in there no worries. Hero.

Anyway, I really like the way the video is shot like he’s doing something dangerous and has to be in and out as rapidly as possible. And I do like the fact that’s he’s just in and out straight away – looks like my man 8Booth has some serious efficiency judging by this video. He seems like an intense character.

For more jumping into pools, here’s the worst ever attempt at jumping into a paddling pool. Take some lessons from 8Booth dude.


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