Watch The Worst Ever Attempt At Someone Jumping Into A Paddling Pool

guy swimming pool

This is even better than you think it’s going to be.

Everyone loves jumping off diving boards into pools because not only does it look cool, it also feels great too.

However, you’ve really got to be careful if you’re a fat bastard like this guy and you’re trying to dive off a plastic chair into a paddling pool. From the picture you probably think that he’s just gonna flop over the side of the pool because he’s at kind of a crappy angle and far away from the pool, but the reality is even better: the chair snaps under his weight whilst he’s posing and he just rolls into it looking like an absolute moron.

It’s so great that his buddy managed to catch it on film.

Fantastic huh? I guarantee that you won’t watch a better video today. Unless maybe you check out this guy doing a 36 foot dive into a paddling pool which should be impossible but actually isn’t. The best video would no doubt be a combination of this one and that one with the guy falling 36 feet.


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