David Moyes Says He Would Manage Manchester United Again

David Moyes

Pull the other one mate.

Manchester United fans are probably tearing their hair out at the moment over what is going on with their beloved club under Louis Van Gaal and you can’t really blame them: it’s their worst run since the 1960s, they’re playing boring football and it’s just bullshit basically.

However, despite this I think you would find it very hard to find any Manchester United fan that would be begging David Moyes to come back and replace LVG, even though he had a better points total at this stage of his one season in charge. Nevertheless, Moyes has for some reason come out on the Clare Balding show on BT Sport today and thrown his name into the hat for the job whenever Ed Woodward decides LVG has had enough.

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Yeah mate, it’s probably more a case of ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’. I heard they were actually after some fella called Jose Mourinho if LVG does one.

For more reasons why Moyes will never be allowed back at Manchester United, here are a bunch of pictures of him looking really despondent.


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