Gary Lineker SLATED For Making Horrendous Football Joke About Brussels Terrorist Attacks

Gary Lineker

Too soon Gay, too soon.

Gary Lineker was blasted on Twitter recently, after he posted a pretty dodgy football pun in reply to a statement about the Brussels terrorist attacks.

Journalist Henry Winter recently quoted Roy Hodgson telling the media that people were working hard to ensure England’s safety:

Hodgson on security fears: ‘We have people around us who work very hard to make sure we are secure’.

In reply, Lineker tweeted:

I think we all worry about our defence.

The former England striker was obviously making a pun referring to a football team’s defence. Needless to say, Twitter users did not see the funny side:

Too soon dude. He has since taken down the tweet and made an apology:

Guessing he won’t be making any more football related jokes on Twitter any time soon. Save it for Match of the Day Gary, or at least not in reference to a horrific attack where dozens of people were killed. Silly man.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened either — back in 2012 he had to apologise after saying that Muslim football players ‘eat grass’. Will he ever learn?


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