David Cameron Got Called An ‘Utter C**t’ On His Favourite TV Show

That’s got to hurt.

Another day, another TV show that completely annihilates David Cameron. Yep, 2016 is definitely shaping up to be a shitty one for the PM as he has just been called an ‘utter cunt’ on one of his fav programmes.

Over Christmas David let it be known that he has a penchant for the Serbian thriller The Last Panthers. Can’t say I’ve seen it myself, although I might have to give it a go after this whole incident.


The series is a fictional crime drama that’s inspired by the Balkan jewel thieves the Pink Panthers. A recent episode on Sky Atlantic ended with a gangster going to a barber with a magazine front cover featuring David Cameron’s big, shiny mug. The guy asks for the same haircut, thinking he is going to look badass, but when he leaves the place, his mate says:

You look like an utter c**t.

Wow. I’d predict such brutal rhetoric in some sort of political satire, but not in a serious crime series.

You might speculate whether they did that as a reaction to David saying in an interview that he liked the show, but it was made last year meaning they must have just thought it up all by themselves.

What with piggate and the backlash that ensued, the petition to get him booted out of parliament and getting rinsed by Danny Dyer, you would think that he would be ready to sling his hook. Either way, I don’t reckon he’ll be tuning into the next episode of The Last Panthers anytime soon.


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