Cassetteboy Masterfully Trolls David Cameron Over Pig Incident With A+ Music Video

David Cameron Pig

No surprises Cassetteboy has returned for this one.

The Internet has been awash with rinses on David Cameron after the news that he (allegedly) enjoys sticking his dick in the mouths of dead pigs today, with personal favourites coming in the form of #baeofpigs and the joke ‘if David Cameron was in a band, he would be in Pig Destroyer.’

However, there was only one man who was going to have the skills to actually win the Internet on this one, and thankfully he’s re-emerged at just the right moment. Yes, it’s Casseteboy and he’s back with a remix of ‘Gettin’ Jiggy With It’ that’s been rephrased as ‘Gettin’ Piggy With It’ and as with most things Cassetteboy he’s absolutely nailed it.

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Yeah good luck on topping that with your memes – no chance. If you missed it check out Cassetteboy’s rinse on the last election too, perfect.


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