Danny Dyer Justed Rinsed David Cameron In The Most Danny Dyer Way Possible

Danny Dyer

Where would we be without the wisdom of Danny Dyer?

Although Danny Dyer is ultimately a top geezer, he’s hardly known for the subtlety or the eloquence of his put downs – like when he called the 9/11 terrorists slags for example. I guess that’s where the charm in them lies though.

For his latest odyssey, Danny has decided to turn his attention to one of the most hated men in the country, none other than Prime Minister David Cameron. To make his point about him, Danny decided to upload a clip to his Twitter account it and over dub it with him talking, effectively putting the words in Cameron’s mouth only with a thick East End accent.

Simple, yet effective. Pretty much classic Danny Dyer really. Here’s what he had to say:

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Sums up the situation perfectly really doesn’t it? Where would we be without the wisdom of Danny Dyer?

Of course, it does draw attention to the the issue of just how busy Danny Dyer must be in his life if he has the time to take out to make these stupid memes, especially when he admitted to drinking on the  job in EastEnders.


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