Dane Bowers Is Getting Ripped For Questioning Whether George Floyd Killing Was Racist

Another level.

Remember Dane Bowers from late 90s pop group Another Level? He also famously dated Katie Price and was in the Big Brother house one year, but has since kept a low profile… until now.

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It’s fair to say that anyone with a brain doesn’t doubt there was a racial element to the murder of George Floyd by policeman Derek Chauvin last Friday, but Dane wasn’t so sure, as he foolishly explained on Facebook:

Yikes! Did he even watch the video? Fair enough he admits that he’s asking the question “mostly out of ignorance”, but furthermore how can someone who has been famous since the 90s be dumb enough to publicly share this post on social media?

The response he got was pretty much what you’d expect:

Whoa! That last Tweet from Genesis Elijah is a pretty wild accusation I can’t find any evidence for, but shocking if true. I also just discovered Dane Bowers is mixed race (his father is black) which makes this whole story even weirder.

The biggest demolition job of Dane Bowers’s status came under the post on Facebook, however:

Ooof. No wonder he deleted his status shortly after.

There was more to follow:

Dane has since taken to Instagram to apologise and explain how he was misinterpreted:

Well, like he says, it wasn’t his intention to undermine the BLM efforts or to come off like an insensitive prick, but it was definitely ill-judged to make that status in the first place. What was he thinking?!

Never forget:

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