In the Far East, McDonald’s are trying a different approach to market their fast food… making the scariest adverts ever!

Ronald McDonald was kidnapped earlier this year, and judging by these Chinese McDonald’s adverts he didn’t come back the same as he used to be. Gone is the fun loving guy who would jump around singing and playing with his buddies Grimace and the Hamburglar whilst eating hamburgers and chicken nuggets and instead it looks like Ronald Mcdonald has turned into some kind of psychopath. Seriously.

This montage of McDonald’s adverts are some of the creepiest videos I ‘ve ever seen, and they wouldn’t go amiss being trailers for super scary horror movies. In the first, Ronald McDonald is trying desperately to get through a locked door and into your house. Probably to feed you chicken nuggets or something. In the second, Ronald McDonald is watching you while he sings this really creepy song down the phone to you. Ronald McDonald sings the song in each of the clips and it’s a really creepy song, like ‘Warriors come out to play’ or something.

In the third clip, this Japanese/Chinese girl (couldn’t get a close up of her to tell) is on the phone whilst Ronald McDonald is hiding underneath her bed singing the creepy song, whereas in the fourth clip Ronald McDonald is just sprinting really fast down a really dark alley singing the song. All of these clips are super creepy so if you’re going to watch them I would recommend doing it with the light on and not late at night.

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I don’t really understand how this McDonald’s advert is supposed to encourage people to buy food from McDonald’s over in the Far East. Do people over there want to be scared that Ronald McDonald might appear and sing this creepy song when they’re buying food? Is McDonald’s not a family restaurant over there and more a place for weirdo serial killers or Juggalos to pick up cheap Filet-O-Fishes? I just don’t get it at all. If anyone can shed any light on the situation, leave a comment. Creeps me out.

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