If You’ve Ever Felt Hate Towards A Bus Driver, Read This

Bus driver’s are only miserable bastards because we made them so.

The Unsung School Bus Dude

Bus Drivers Rule - Graffiti on Bus

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The school run has to be the worst of all the runs to do as a bus driver. Kids are not only stinky, know-it-alls covered in a film of snot, their parents are a nightmare too. Somehow a bus driver is supposed to look after their kids whilst driving them to and from school through a scrum made of metal and car horns.

I read the following on a blog written by a long-suffering bus driver. It is the response she wishes she had given to some jumped up parent who complained that she hadn’t stopped her kid getting bullied:

Did YOUR kid tell me there was a problem? No, they did not. I have up to 77 kids on my bus and there is ONE me! I am sorry I didn’t hear your kid get called a poopyhead in the LAST seat on the huge bus. I was making sure the kids crossing the road were not run over by the ASSHOLE going 50 in a 35 zone and texting, while I could hear his music over my BUS ENGINE (and previously mentioned 77 kids) and flying by the GIANT YELLOW BUS WITH FLASHING LIGHTS!

That’s what the driver wanted to say, but didn’t. The level of control these guys and girls show is unreal. I would want to kill ALL OF THE HUMANS.

I hope I have given you a new appreciation of what bus drivers go through on a daily basis. If one sneers at you, take it on the chin. If the driver of your bus looks miserable, he probably is, so give him a fucking break.

If you need more convincing, how about reading some evidence of bus driver’s pure hearts and spirits? Like the bus driver that stopped that kid committing suicide; or the bus driver owning that retard prankster; or perhaps the Chilean bus driver that apprehended that purse snatcher.

I can’t imagine anything worse than driving cunts like you and me around all day. Can you?

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