Parents FURIOUS After Pupils Found This Teacher’s Instagram Account (NSFW)

Teacher Instagram Bodybuilder

Bodybuilding or pornographic?

Teacher and all-round teenage boy’s dream – Mindi Jenson – had been posting bodybuilding photos onto Instagram, an innocent thing to do, surely. But parents complained that they were “pornographic”. Luckily for her, and the world, she’s been allowed to carry on teaching.

Parents felt the photos on her stream were too much, so Jenson was told to remove the photos from public view or lose her teaching job at the school in Utah.

Check out some on Mindi’s photos below:

Thankfully Mindi fought back, arguing they were inspirational rather than offensive.

Mindi initially complied with the school’s request to get rid of her pics, but she changed her mind after one woman contacted her to say they should stay up, as they were an inspiration. Give a round of applause to that gal, please.

Mindi told the school she wanted to keep the photos up and the school withdrew their ultimatum. All’s well that ends well right?

Mindi said of the ordeal:

Why am I taking this picture off, I get comments and messages that its inspirational to them and these women like my story.

If I put it to private, it’s not going to reach these people that might need and understand me.

Good on ya. You keep doing what you’re doing GF. Whist we at Sick Chirpse will keep doing us, and watch some weird AF viral videos while we come down from the weekend.


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