Watch The Incredible Moment A Heroic Bus Driver Stops A Woman From Committing Suicide

Bus Drive Suicide

The woman was seconds from taking her own life.

Video footage has emerged of a bus driver in China preventing a woman from committing suicide.

Bian Pengfei was going about his daily business, driving along his usual route in Nanjing, China, when he saw a woman stood on the side of a bridge, about to jump. The woman was stood with one leg over the railings of a bridge, apparently seconds away from taking her own life.

On seeing what was going on, Mr. Pengfei acted swiftly and brought his bus to an immediate stop, before jumping off and pulling the woman away from the railings. Though the woman is reluctant, the driver eventually manages to pull her away, with the help of another bystander who was close by.

Though it has been up for less than 24 hours, this video has understandably gone viral, with people across the world tuning in and sharing comments which were full of praise for the driver’s efforts, which almost certainly saved a life.

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There is yet to be any official comment regarding the identity of the woman Mr. Pengfei saves, but hopefully she is now going to get the help that she needs.


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