Britains’ Most Notorious Prisoner Charles Bronson Has Sent A Voice Note From His Cell

He’s looking for a public parole hearing.

When it comes to notorious prisoners in the UK, I don’t think Charles Bronson has much trouble securing the number on spot as I can only really think of Ian Huntley other than him, so it’s kind of crazy to think that he might actually be getting out soon. I’ve pretty much associated him with being in prison my whole life.

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The 70 year old – who now goes by the name of Charles Arthur Salvador – has been locked up at various insitutations around the country  for his violent behaviour over the past three decades, but is currently residing at HMP Woodhill in Miton Keynes. He’s now launching bid for freedom and hoping for a public parole hearing sending this voice note to Sky Sports News to explain his intentions:

Hopefully I’ve got a date soon, for my public parole hearing.

I’m the first man in Britain to have a public one.

And the reason that I’m doing that is that I’m going to expose the system for what it’s done to me.

I bet you can’t believe I’m still in can you? I’m 70 years old. I’ve never murdered anyone; I’ve never raped anyone.

What am I in jail for? People don’t believe it. They think I’m a serial killer.

It’s all coming out in the wash, my side of the story, and the truth is mate, it’s going to shock the planet.

Between you and me I can still do 95 press-ups in 30 seconds, so I’m still the guv’nor.

Good luck, your old china Charlie.

I’m not really sure what’s he talking about there because he’s in jail for a lifetime of criminal activity, most notably taking a load of people hostage, battering many, many more and generally just being an absolute hyper maniac. It’s true that he seems to have calmed down in recent years and found tranquility through his artwork, but does that mean he should be released into the general public after he was handed a life sentence?

His lawyer is arguing that once people turn 70 they’re significantly less of a risk to the population and that Bronson hasn’t been violent for a long, ing time which would seem like a valid reason to let him out. Only trouble is that every time this has happened before he’s re-offended on a major scale – the last time was over 20 years though.

I suppose one of the objectives of prison is to rehabilitate offenders so they can rejoin the public and engage in productive life , so maybe it is time for Bronson to be released and see how he handles it? Watch this space.

For more of the same, check out this rare footage of Bronson being disqualified after becoming super violent in a boxing match. Always had a screw loose that bloke.


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