Rare Footage Shows Charles Bronson Disqualified After Becomming Super Violent In Boxing Match

Charles Bronson


Charles Bronson is well known as one of the most notorious and violent UK prisoners, having spent the majority of his life inside since the 1970s, with much of this being served in isolation.

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If you’ve seen the Tom Hardy movie, then you’ll know that Bronson had a brief career as a bare knuckle boxer in East London during one of his short stints on the outside, and the footage below is the only existing video of him in action in the boxing ring. Not sure who is opponent is, but the narrator of the video will fill you in on everything else you need to know about it.

Apparently it’s some kind of ‘charity event’, which is why Bronson has got gloves on this time and isn’t bare knuckle:

Trust Bronson to get himself disqualified eh? I suppose he boxes pretty much how you would expect a crazy psychopath like him to box – all brawling and not that much technique, and no regard for the rules as he follows his opponent to the ground and lays into them.

In case you’re more into MMA than boxing, that’s a completely illegal move and was always going to result in a disqualification. What more would you expect from Britain’s most violent criminal though eh?

For more Charles Bronson, did you hear about when he smeared himself in butter and attacked 12 guards because Arsenal won the FA Cup? Sore loser.


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