The Big Big Body Wipe Might Be The Greatest Human Invention Of All Time

Showers are overrated.

Sometimes dragging yourself into the shower just seems like too much effort, especially if you’re already running late for something. It’s probably the most first-world problem ever, but it’s a problem nonetheless. Well some genius has just come up with the solution and it’s called The Big Big Body Wipe — essentially a giant wet wipe for your whole body that will leave you clean and smelling fresh in no time.

The wipe measures 4ft by 2ft so you can basically wipe your whole body clean for £5.99 (comes with 2 wipes), and while it looks like it’s marketed especially at the camping/festival/travelling crowd it looks like it will come in useful for all your lazy buggers out there too.

Body Wipe

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No longer do you have to deal with soap or shower gel when you can just roll around in a giant wet wipe for a few seconds and come out smelling like roses. Even the guy at the gym who just sprays himself with Lynx instead of showering has no excuse now. That guy’s been waiting FOREVER for someone to invent these. And whoever did invent them is on the fast track to becoming a millionaire — another one of those simple, obvious ideas that anyone of us could have come up with and made a fortune from.

Only trouble is, you do need a shower to be mentally capable of thinking up these 20 brilliant shower thoughts.


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