Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #21

In today’s Russian adventure we’ll witness a heroic cat, a wedding in Dagestan, children with guns and a mouse eating a snake.

I know it’s a bit late for Christmas, but Father Christmas on a hover craft could not be overlooked I’m afraid.

Russia With Love - Father Christmas

This unremarkable house/shed in Belarus was offered up as a swap for an iPhone. The owner said he had no use for the house anymore, but he could do with an iPhone. Someone’s getting a bargain. Or are they?

Russia With Love - iPhone House Swap Belarus


Russia With Love - Kappa

Sometimes it’s as if children aren’t aware of the sacrosanctity of the orthodox church’s rituals.

Russia With Love - kiss it

Next up, a real life ghost. This image was shot in Komsomolsk village and according to the up-loader there was no Photoshop used. So it’s definitely a ghost.

Russia With Love - Komsomolsk village girl

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