Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #21

In today’s Russian adventure we’ll witness a heroic cat, a wedding in Dagestan, children with guns and a mouse eating a snake.

I suppose this picture actually isn’t funny at all. But what a catch! I like to think he’s going to gut that bad boy and eat the whole lot right there at that table. He’s a real man.

Russia With Love - big fish

I didn’t realise but apparently Russian companies absolutely love body painting as a marketing tool. Here’s a few examples, this first motorbike one is actually pretty amazing:

Russia With Love - Bikes

This one’s horrible though, I’m not sure what it’s all about:

Russia With Love - Black Face

Cool, huh?:

Russia With Love - Body Art Pixel

Another glimmer of Russian ingenuity. I’m thinking this guy’s car didn’t have enough room in the boot so he pimped it up lorry style.

Russia With Love - car truck

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