Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #21

In today’s Russian adventure we’ll witness a heroic cat, a wedding in Dagestan, children with guns and a mouse eating a snake.

The cat featured below is called Murka, him and his owner live in Bashkiria, Russia. Murka’s owner had left a heater on one night and a spark from it set his wooden house ablaze. His owner remained fast asleep, but instead of the moggy legging it, he went into his bedroom and bashed him with his paws until he woke up. The man grabbed Murka and escaped from the blaze safely. Unfortunately, Murka ran off whilst the house burned down and is yet to be found. So if any of you lot are strolling round the Urals this week, keep an eye out for the hero cat.

Russia With Love - Cat Hero Murka from Bashkiria

Russians love their military gadgets and can’t help but publicise them. Most countries keep their military toys a secret but Russia goes “look what we’ve done! WE ARE ALL POWERFUL!” This is a semi-aquatic robot tank.

Russia With Love - combat robot 2

I know, I know, I want one too, but I doubt they’re for sale.

Russia With Love - combat robot

I think this is the equivalent of the Scouts or something. I just like the hats and shirts. It beats the crap out of a woggle.

Russia With Love - cub hats

Pretty hideous, quite amusing and very useful:

Russia With Love - drink dispenser

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