Awesome Photos From Russia With Love #11

Join the Russian party bus of joy as we enter our 11th Baltic expedition. Today we have sheds, buckets, sausages and a guest appearance from Tim Williams.

Welcome to number eleven folks, it’s gonna be a doozie. And please don’t feel the need to thank me directly for these Russia With Love posts. I don’t need your gratitude. I get my kicks from the depth of knowledge I am amassing regarding the ins and outs of Russian culture. From automobile maintenance to wedding faux pas., it’s all covered in these hallowed images.

So let’s get trucking with an awesome Russian tractor upgrade. Not content with braving the harsh Russian winds whilst harvesting his crops, this ingenious gent has pimped his tractor to the max. I presume it’s a gent, let’s be honest, a member of the fairer sex would probably have more sense. Looks like a goer though. Apparently it can reach 120 mph, but only after its drunken driver takes a snooze at the wheel and it’s free falling off a cliff .

Awesome Phots From Russia With Love - Pimped

Here’s a bloke being impressed by a Police dog’s massive doo doo. A huge and dirty treat for everyone to enjoy. The Police in Russia have a slightly different etiquette to the rest of the world. Their job is to maintain law and order by violence and intimidation. Their job is not to follow the law, or lead by example or any of those other super boring things that British coppers are supposed to do.

Awesome Phots From Russia With Love - Police Dog

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