Study Claims Atheists Will Die Out Due To Overuse Of Contraception


Too much sex, not enough babies.

A (pretty crazy) study has claimed that atheism is going to die out because religious people have far higher reproduction rates.

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I always assumed that it would go the other way and religion would begin to die out as we evolve and realise that it’s all a load of outdated bullshit. Anyway, the study states that due to atheist’s belief in contraception, religious people are having more kids and this could ultimately lead to the end of atheism for good.

These findings were a result of scientists from both the US and Malaysia studying over 4,000 students to ask them about their religious beliefs and how many brothers and sisters they had. They discovered that Malaysian atheists had 1.5 fewer siblings than the average. Yes, but they’re not accounting for the fact that every kid who grows up in a religious family probably claims that they’re religious, until they hit a certain age and realise that (you guessed it) it’s all a big pile of bullshit.


Although the gap was smaller in the US, the atheist students still had 0.16 fewer siblings on average. The researchers said:

It is ironical that effective birth control methods were developed primarily by secularists, and that these methods are serving to slowly diminish the proportional representation of secularists in forthcoming generations.

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I’m still not convinced that atheists will die out, so to speak. I think that atheist families will continue to reproduce to some extent, while fewer people will continue with their religious beliefs as they get older.

After all, who could honestly believe that there is a God when someone like Donald Trump is POTUS?


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