The World’s Deadliest Superbugs Just Got Found On The London Underground


According to a new study carried out by the London Metropolitan University, every time you get on the underground, you’re risking contact with as many as nine potentially deadly superbugs.

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Many of these are resistant to antibiotics and are considered the greatest threat to humans by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Well that’s always reassuring.

The Victoria Line is allegedly the worst one, with 22 different types of living bacteria, including four from the WHO’s deadly list.

In addition to the life-threatening bugs, people who use the tube are likely to come into contact with other commuter’s actual poo matter. Grimy.

The results were published by lecturer Dr Paul Matewele, who specialises in microbiology and immunology. Here’s what he had to say:

Not only did we find some of the world’s most dangerous superbugs, but other forms of mould and bacteria that can be harmful to human health were discovered as part of this research.

For example, Staphylococcus Aureus was a popular bacterium found upon all forms of transport.

Bacteria from rodents like rats and mice were also found upon tube lines, along with traces of faecal bacteria and bacteria from sewage. These can cause water infections or skin infections like abscesses if you come into contact with them.

Great news. You can find out more about the study on this interactive website.

Despite these findings, Transport for London has said that its service is perfectly safe. Yeah, that’s reassuring – I’m going to carry around a giant bottle of antibacterial solution from now on for the next time I have to get on the underground. You should do the same. I bet the tubes haven’t been cleaned since these photos were taken.


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