Twitter Has Been Left Unimpressed By Gordon Ramsay’s £18.50 Fish And Chips Takeaway

Absolute dross.

If there’s one thing that’s really been known to annoy me around here – yeah, just the one – it’s when famous chefs charge loads of money for food that looks like complete and utter dross and this has once again been proven by Gordon Ramsay’s pathetic looking £18.50 fish and chips takeaway.

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Ramsay posted a video of the fish and chips takeaway being prepared at his restaurant in London House in Battersea in what I’m sure he thought was a video that would be showered with praise about how tase it looked. The truth is it’s an average looking meal at best and the fact that you only get about seven chips and a measly dollop of mushy peas, curry sauce and tartare sauce next to it means that the fish had better be a super incredible catch if it’s going to justify the price. Even then it seems almost impossible to be satisfied with a meal that costs this much and looks like that.

It’s not just me who was thinking this either as the video received a lot of hate on Twitter – here’s a selection of the best responses:

Fair to say that Gordon has been completely and utterly rinsed there and that I agree with pretty much every one of these.

When you go down your local chippy you can get decent cod and chips for between five and seven pounds and you’ll get a truckload of chips with them as well. Even if the fish is Michelin star quality or whatever, it’s still completely skanky to serve up the traditional British meal like this and then charge close to twenty quid for it. Get a clue Ramsay. Kinda unbelievable he even posted this to his own account to be honest.

For more of the same, check out this chef who was selling his fish and chips for £32.50. You get slightly more chips with that one sure, but still.


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