The First Celebrity Death Of 2017 Is Harambe’s Grandmother

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Here we go again.

Despite all the terrible things that happened in 2016, it seems that the death of Harambe the gorilla will forever be remembered as the absolute worst. Unfortunately, 2017 doesn’t seem to be starting any better for his family with the news that his grandma Josephine has also been killed by a zoo, this time in Miami.

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Thankfully though it’s under much different circumstances which makes the whole situation way less sad. Josephine was nearly 50 years old and in declining health, with medical tests revealing that there was no real hope of saving her.

After zoo staff found her unable to move yesterday, they made the difficult decision to euthanise her. They explain their decision in the lengthy Facebook post below, but I think it’s safe to say that it was the right one, unlike the debacle of Harambe’s death:

Although this is obviously sad that such a great and famous gorilla has passed away, it’s a relief to know that is was carried out in a peaceful and humane fashion that seems unlikely to cause the same public outcry that the death of her son Harambe did. May both of them rest in peace and hopefully be reunited in the gorilla afterlife.

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