The Toronto Mayor Is (Possibly) A Crackhead And There Is Possibly A Video Of Him Smoking Crack

Mayor of Toronto Smoking Crack

A video of Toronto mayor Rob Ford is being touted on the streets and $160K has already been raised to fund its release

Mayor of Toronto Smoking Crack

Over the years many politicians have been outed as drug dabblers; Bill Clinton smoked cheese (without inhaling, wasteman!), Obama bumped gack and now Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford is in the news after allegedly honking on a crackpipe.

Whilst he adamantly denies the accusations, local newspaper The Star has reportedly seen video proof along with gossip blog Gawker who are currently running a Kickstarter, or as they are calling it Crackstarter to buy it. The drug dealers who claim to supply the mayor want $200,000 for the mobile phone footage, presumably so they can fund an escape plan upon an inevitable fan and shit collision when the video goes viral.

Rob Ford is a notorious knob-head with a history for dabbling in racism, sexism and homophobia and the video contains such choice quotes as “they are just fucking minorities” in reference to the local football team. Pictorial proof exists of the mayor posing with Anthony Smith, a 21 year old gunned down outside a nightclub recently in a gang related shooting, he also lived in the same neighbourhood as the drug dealers. The picture is again being denied to be him but take a look at his sweatshirt and notice how it has a striking resemblance to a sweater he is wearing in a confirmed image of him.

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Rob Ford with Dealers

It is quite up in arms as to whether the video will actually be brought into the public domain, despite the Crackstarter already raising over $160,000, Gawker have been unable to contact the owner of the video since Sunday. If it isn’t acquired the money is being donated to a charity to help addicts and if it is released we’ll update you.

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Rob Ford Jogging


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