Another 20 Ultra-Weird Books

You should always judge a book by his cover and I judge these books to be excellent.

13) Manifold Destiny

A book that teaches you how to cook on your car. That is literally never going to be useful. Unless you cooker breaks, your microwave breaks, your kettle and camping stove break, you’re locked out of your house (but have some frozen chicken nuggets in your pockets) and you haven’t got any money. So I guess it could be useful after all.

Weird Book Covers - Manifold Destiny

14) Mole Catching

I love the way that they’ve specified that this is the ‘practical guide’. I’d love to read the ‘impractical guide’ to mole catching. It probably involves Semtex, a tin of petit pois, three camels and snorkeling gear.

Weird Book Covers - Mole Catching A Practical Guide

15) A New Look At Wife Swapping

What was wrong with the old look?

Weird Book Covers - new look at wife swapping

16) Saucepans And The Single Girl

Apparently this oddly titled tome was designed to aid the single girl, whether she was entertaining friends or a potential lover. The blurb says it’s lighthearted. It is written by someone called Jinx after all.

Weird Book Covers - Saucepans and the Single Girl

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