A Sickening Glimpse Into The Sadistic World Of Chinese Prisons

I guess it’s no surprise that the inside of a Chinese prison isn’t where you want to be chilling out. But in case you weren’t sure…. read on.

A common torture practice is beating, the old classic. Punches and kicks to sensitive areas, beatings using a hammer, a board with nails sticking out or whipping with thorny plants and stinging nettles. Prisoners are sometimes left stood outside naked for days at a time, forced to stand up straight. In the winter inmates can get frost bite, in the summer they get covered in mozzy bites and blistered skin from the heat.

Prisoners are often forced to balance on a chair or pile of bricks for long periods, maybe on one leg, and receive beatings when they fall off. Arms are twisted into unbearably uncomfortable positions and then handcuffed in place for hours at a time. One of the stranger punishments is being tied to a metal chair for weeks. You just sit there getting sores on your arse which then get infected by the poop and wazz you’ve released over the course of the time you’re on the chair. Other classics include repeated electrocution and/or burning sensitive areas.

Many political prisoners go on hunger strike and are force fed with a tube. That in it’s self is a distressing procedure, but when it’s carried out by untrained guards that are more than happy to hurt, it can cause internal bleeding. The sicko guards have also been reported to use the feeding tube to fire salt solution, alcohol, red pepper, excrement, vinegar or hot water into the prisoners guts. These additions will call severe nausea at best and internal burns and bleeding at the worst.

China Prison - Torture - women prisoners

Sexual violence rears it’s ugly head often enough too. Women prisoners have been reported to be lead into men’s cells naked. The guards then force the other prisoners to rape her. There’s multiple reports of insertions of bottles, sticks and brushes into pretty much any orifice they decide on.

Other methods include dog attacks, being submerged up to your neck in water for days, breaking fingers, bamboo under the finger nails, dislocation of joints, suspension from the ceiling, being left in pitch black rooms for days and weeks, plastic bag suffocation….. it’s no Disneyland is it?

And here’s the best bit: we buy loads of cheap crap from China, so we’re all funding the oppressive regime! YAY PRIMARK!

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