PHOTOS: Japanese Penis Worshipping Festival (Kinda NSFW)

Japanese Penis Festival Featured

I still can’t believe that this exists, some of these pictures are bordering on the ludicrous.

We discussed the Japanese festival known as Honen Matsur on Sick Chirpse before, and it pretty much amounts to a festival attended by tens of thousands of people who head there to worship fertility in the form of dicks and penises. Or knobs or whatever you want to call them.

The festival was explained in my original post about it, but we only showed you a video and not any of these hilarious photographs of what goes on there. Basically, it looks like they worship dick, suck on dick shaped ice lollies, buy little statues of dicks and then watch giant dick floats parade around.

I guess this is how you would imagine a dick festival to go about its business, but I just can’t really believe that it’s real.

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