A New Way To Lose Weight

New Way To Lose Weight

If you drink as much as me you’re probably always looking for a way to get rid of that gut. Well this guy has found a novel new method that I don’t think anyone’s ever thought of before which also happens to be hilarious. Check it.

New Way To Lose Weight

I don’t normally spend all my time posting up really dumb videos on Sick Chirpse – I normally leave that to Tourist as it’s more his forte –  but I’ve come across a few recently that I’ve just felt absolutely compelled to share and this is another one. I saw it posted as ‘A New Way To Lose Weight’ and I think that’s probably the best title for it because to say anything about it would just totally ruin it. The guy in it takes a real long time to start doing what he’s doing and while he was getting in position I was just like ‘man, is this even going to be funny? Is it even going to be worth watching?’ because I’m pretty sceptical about a lot of videos but when he started doing what he was doing the answer was a resounding yes. I’m not sure if what he’s doing will actually help him lose weight, or even benefit him in any way or anyone else. Except for everyone on Sick Chirpse watching it because it’s bare lolz. Anyway, check it out and let us know what you think. Will you be using this technique next time you hit the gym or has it got no place for anyone who’s actually serious about losing weight?

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