Dr Dre Next Epsiode

Sick Chirpse’s Top 5… this week comes in the form of the top 5 stereotypical rap videos brought to you by Dr Dre, Nelly and other rap superstars.

Dr Dre Next Epsiode

Hip-Hop videos were fantastic when you were a growing teen, they were pretty much full of everything you wanted in life at that age: women, cars, money and alcohol. Although as the years went by and you carried on watching these videos, you realised things… the uglier the rapper the uglier the dancers, a woman would never get let into a swanky bar wearing that one-piece, a club owner would never let all that happen, and courvoisier tastes like shit. The harsh realities dawn on you as you grow up… and also jealousy sinks in because you realise that rapper is younger than yourself and he makes more money than you.

Enough of the bitterness though, its time to celebrate the greatest stereotypical rap videos that have ever graced your screen. There’s even a checklist below to help you. See how many you can point out.


  • Scantily clad females

  • Money everywhere

  • A form of far too expensive alcohol

  • Expensive cars which look too clunky to drive

  • Really shiny jewellery

  • A party/clubnight which in real life wouldn’t get that many punters

  • Some form of special dance

  • A scene which is supposed to be funny but isn’t

  • Items of clothing with American sports teams on them

  • Slow motion booty poppin

 N.O.R.E — Nothin’

[yframe url=’’]

 Highly offensive to those of you with asthma.


Terror Squad — Lean Back

[yframe url=’’]

That’s exactly how girls sit on the bonnet of my Ford Ka.


 The Game — How We Do

[yframe url=’’]

 The Game decided to take his own car to the club as riding with 50 was far too dangerous.


Dr Dre — The Next Episode

[yframe url=’′]

There is no one on this planet that could pull off that haircut apart from Snoop Dogg.


Nelly — Hot In Here

[yframe url=’′]

The club was shut down with immediate effect.

If there are any videos you think that are worthy enough to go on the list please mention them below…


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