VIDEO: 2 Year Old Smokes A Blunt

The Internet is up in arms over this video of a toddler smoking a blunt on the toilet while his parents cackle around him, and rightly so.

I agree with everyone else’s stance on this video; it’s disgusting, irresponsible, shocking, and all the rest of it. The parents need a visit from social services, the police and whoever else is in a position to bollock/punish them. All that is true.

BUT… let’s not take anything away from this baby’s smoking skills. Could you have handled a toke of that magnitude at his age? I doubt it. When I took my first toke at 14 I was coughing and wretching all over the place. Felt pretty sure I was going to die. Not this little 2 year old gangsta though; he’s taking those hits like an absolute champ and he’s barely even potty-trained yet.

So yeah, F the parents, but respect the baby. Watch below:

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