Heroic Builder ‘Lamped’ Mugger He Saw Knocking Down 86-Year-Old Woman (VIDEO)

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Have a go hero.

We’ve got a strong contender for ‘Hero of the Day’, as a young man was filmed knocking down a mugger he’d just seen thieving from an OAP.

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Labourer Danny Neilson, 27, was cycling through Hull when he witnessed a man rob an 86-year-old woman in the street.

After no one else stepped in to help, Danny thought “fuck that” and went to deliver justice to thief David Lofty in the shape of a punch to the floor.

This week, the mugger was sentenced to over three years for the attack, which unfolded on May 20, while good samaritan Danny has been branded a hero on social media.

Speaking to The Metro, he said:

I wouldn’t say I am a hero but I’d just seen it happen, I thought ‘I can’t stand here and watch it happen’, he just grabbed her above her head.

There was so many people about, I was quite far away but I just chucked my bike on the floor and lamped him one.

I was only going to McDonald’s for chicken nuggets and on the way back home I just seen it happen. There was an old woman on the floor, so I ran across.

Danny Neilson

Not on my watch. You don’t really properly see it in the video but he grabbed her bag and started walking off and I thought ‘f**k this’, and hit him one, and dropped him.

I’d do it for anyone, how can you sleep at night doing things like that? He went out cold, but I had to help him up because I didn’t want him to get run over by a bus.

I left him at the side of the road, and I went back to the old woman to see if she was alright, he wasn’t my priority, I’d got the bag off him, because at first he grabbed the bag but I grabbed him and gave the woman the bag, then decked him.

He just ran off because the police turned up, clear as day.

As Danny said, the victim was his priority and he looked after her as police and ambulance services turned up.

Although he was worried, Danny was not in trouble for his actions and the woman did not sustain any injuries.

Eventually the police caught up with David and now he’s getting sent down for a long time.

David Lofty

Danny added:

All I wanted to know is that woman is okay. I don’t agree with what’s happened, he should have got a lot longer.

What a guy.

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