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This is really old and I meant to write about it ages ago but never really got around to it, and I’m not even sure if it is actually that cool or funny but what the hell, it’s been sitting in my drafts for ages and I want to clear this shit out so let’s just fvcking go for it. Basically this isn’t even a tumblr it’s just some guy’s website and he just takes photos of  his and his girlfriend’s feet wherever he goes, but it kinda feels like it should be a tumblr so that’s why I’m including it here. He’s been doing it for 6 years so there are a bunch of photographs on his website and he’s been to a bunch of cool places. More recently he had a kid so there’s now three pairs of feet, which is even cuter. It’s basically a unique way of this guy cataloguing his holidays and although it might sound kinda bent it’s actually OK and he’s managed to get some pretty awesome pictures out of it that are better than your average boring family holiday album where it’s just a plain beach or mountain range or whatever and is completely boring and when people are showing you them you’re just like ‘WTF get to the good shit yo.’  This isn’t exactly ‘the good shit’ but it’s still pretty entertaining and some of the pictures are really cool.

Ok it isn’t really that cool – I guess there’s a reason I took so long to write about this and left it in my drafts folder for so long – it’s just a bunch of feet in different places. It’s kinda of a wacky and original way to document your travelling experiences – I mean there are only so many boringass pictures of beaches with nobody you know in them that other people can look at – but it isn’t really that interesting. I mean on his blog I just scrolled down all the way through them as most of them are the same – just the same fvcking feet the whole time. It’s cool that he had only just met his girlfriend when they started doing it and now they’re married with a kid though, that’s real sweet.

Anyway, I picked out some of the best pictures and uploaded them onto here, but if you want to check out the dude’s website you can do so over at Feet First. It’s updated fairly regularly. Here are the pictures, like I said they’re pretty awesome but this isn’t a mindblowing tumblr like Accidental Chinese Hipsters or Rich Kids Of Instagram, but it’s still kind of cool. Check out the pictures below:

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Feet First 1

Feet First 2

Feet First 3

Feet First 4

Feet First 5

Feet First 6

Feet First 7

Feet First 8

Feet FIrst 9

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