80’s Film Remakes In The Works (Cos Hollywood’s Out Of Ideas)

Hollywood gets brain ache so the scraping of the barrel begins…

Red Dawn

Red Dawn told the story of an alternate America being invaded by the Soviet Union. Now I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan as a kid, I didn’t really get the premise of the film. But on recent viewing as an adult, the film tells a grim story that chills the bones when compared to events that have occurred over the recent years. It also verges on the ridiculous as flag waving American students are able to engage in guerilla warfare with special forces without being injured whatsoever, that said it did star Charlie Sheen who no doubt had the Tiger Blood brewing. The 1984 original also starred the late great Patrick Swayze.

From what has been reported to date the premise is exactly the same other than the invasion being led by North Korea as opposed to the Soviet Union. The directional duty is being undertaken by first time director and stuntman Dan Bradley.

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