80’s Film Remakes In The Works (Cos Hollywood’s Out Of Ideas)

Hollywood gets brain ache so the scraping of the barrel begins…


The good thing about the 80s is that realism went out the window along with fashion sense. The official plot for Commando is Arnie plays a retired Blacks Op Commando who launches a one man war against South American criminals who in an attempt to lure him into starting a revolution and bring an exiled dictator back into power, have kidnapped John Matrix’s daughter. The real plot is that Arnie’s daughter gets kidnapped so Arnie blows lots of shit up and fights a Freddie Mercury lookalike at the end.

David Ayer of “Street Kings” and “Harsh Times” has taken the helm and has said he will be delivering a less brawny affair with more focus on convert tactics and weaponry. Confirmation is still to be made as to whether John Matrix will engage in a stand up routine as he kills his foes.



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