80’s Film Remakes In The Works (Cos Hollywood’s Out Of Ideas)

Hollywood gets brain ache so the scraping of the barrel begins…


Robocop has been in development hell for years, but with MGM now out of financial difficulty it appears things are on the move. The 1987 original told the story of police officer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) getting shot to shit and rebuilt as a robot, who is continuing his role as a police offer (it would seem death is not deemed as an acceptable reason for absence). Although a science fiction film, it had many layers that told the story of social downfall and very cleverly satired American culture.

Jose Padilha has replaced the original choice of Darren Aronofsky as director. Aronofsky was keen to explore the loss of free will and tap into the psychological aspect more. So this leaves the remake open to a new direction, the assumption being it will absorb many of today’s culture and ethics.

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