80’s Film Remakes In The Works (Cos Hollywood’s Out Of Ideas)

Hollywood gets brain ache so the scraping of the barrel begins…


The 1983 Scarface was actually already a remake of the 1932 film, they just substituted liqueur for the more 80s friendly cocaine. The 1983 original told the rise of Cubans Tony Montana and Manny Ribera running a successful drug empire whilst taking time out out to carve up their foes with a chainsaw. And although the movie was met to some negative reviews (probably due to that influential bad language and violence, chainsaws indeed!) it has gone on to become one of cinema’s masterpieces and influenced other media such as the 80s infused GTA:Vice City.

David Ayer again has taken ownership in directing the remake. Now although being a remake of a remake, this has big shoes to fill. The 1983 classic has some of the most memorable one liners in film history, and Al Pacino will be a hard shadow to overcast as Tony Montana. It may well be that the remake is a pussy, just waiting to get fucked (see what I did there?).

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