80’s Film Remakes In The Works (Cos Hollywood’s Out Of Ideas)

Hollywood gets brain ache so the scraping of the barrel begins…

He Man & The Masters Of The Universe

Well we all remember the cartoon series, and it’s quite easy to say that any He-Man movie in comparison would need to be super awesome to match the brilliance of the TV series. Here’s the thing, the cartoon was fucked up, we were just too young to realise. A muscle bound chap with a floppy haircut goes round talking to a sword and strips down to his briefs in times of crisis. In today’s world that would be reason enough for you to acquire your very own padded cell. The original take on the He Man universe was undertook in 1987 with “Masters Of The Universe”. The result was the worst movie to star Dolph Lungdren ever, not an easy feat! The problem was is they just moved He Man to modern day America, via some portal device called “The Cosmic Key” created by “Gwildor” who wasn’t even in the fvcking cartoon. Anything else after that was instantly forgettable. No Orko, no Battle Cat no sense!
The news on the remake is very vague, but it would have us believe that the filming would take a more “300” style approach rather than the “fvcking shit” approach of the 1987 original.

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