5 Things You Need To Know Before Using Synthol

If you’re even thinking about taking Synthol, make sure you read these first.

1. Eventually Your Limbs Will Start To Dangle

Snythol 5

No one uses a bit of Synthol, you have to go all in if you want those 24 inch pythons brother, so keep squeezing.

If you want a spot in the Synthol hall of fame, you have to get that saggy look down, like you stuffed baseballs into your arms and water balloons in your chest. Eventually your hulking mass will succumb to the force of gravity and resemble arm boobs rather than triceps.

In essence, you’re going to end up looking like a big boob monster. The final evolution to any Synthol experience is when your muscles explode, as the skin can no longer contain your awesomeness. Beast mode complete bro.

If you haven’t puked by now and still think Synthol is a good idea then good luck to you. In most cases, people who take Synthol are addicted to the sensation and physical enhancement it provides with relative ease. When it comes to supplements you’re better off sticking with the tried and true protein shake until something better comes along.

If you need any more discouragement then check out this gallery of synthol freaks too.

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