Photos Of Men Who Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Inject Synthol Into Their Muscles

It’s not pretty.

Freaks that use synthol to pump up their arms – like this moron who uses synthol and steroids to pump up his arms to grotesque sizes over in Iraq – have long been a sources of mirth and amusement here on Sick Chirpse, but we’ve never featured a whole photo dump of pictures of people who have injected synthol into their arms and look like freaks.

Thankfully, that has now been corrected with the pictures you see below. Sorry that some of them aren’t the best quality but it seems like for some reason that people who use synthol don’t want to snap pictures of each other in HD – don’t ask me why because those guns would look way better in a good resolution right? If any of you guys are reading this you really need to sort it out, although I guess with the amount of synthol you’re injecting perhaps you can’t afford decent cameras.

Check out the Synthol freaks on the slides below:

Synthol 1

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