A 13 Year Old Girl Who Got Pregnant By A 10 Year Old Boy Is Using It To Become An Instagram Star

That’s 2020 baby.

If you really want an indictment of where we are culturally in the year 2020, then I think this story is going to be it for you.

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We’re over in Russia for this one where the story of a 13 year old girl named Darya Sudnishnikova and her 10 year old boyfriend named Ivan is really kicking up a storm after it was discovered that she was pregnant. Obviously the very fact that the two of them are planning to have a baby is pretty rogue, but Darya is coming into more criticism due to her newfound fame on Instagram and TikTok from her notoriety and her intention to attract big brands and sponsors to pay for her baby.

I suppose if you’re gonna get pregnant at 13 from a ten year old then you might as well stick a #pregnantat13 hashtag on it and try and get some money from it right? Dunno what all these Russians are getting angry about.

The other obviously controversial thing about her pregnancy is that Ivan is only ten and some people have questions whether it’s even possible for him to get Darya pregnant. Rumours have persisted that she has an older lover, but she’s consistently denied them, saying the following:

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A friend of mine introduced us and two days later we started dating.

Ivan said he was in love with me. We tried to spend as much time together as we could.

We like walking down the streets holding hands and kissing.

It was Ivan’s idea to have sex and we locked ourselves in his room – I didn’t think that anything would happen.

Nobody else could be the father.

I mean that’s a fairly convincing argument, aside from the fact that Ivan has seen a urologist who has tested him three times and says he hasn’t reached puberty yet and his body isn’t producing any testosterone. Not really sure what the truth is here, but hopefully Darya manages to get those endorsements before anyone finds out what’s really up here.

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