Instagram Model Who Started #BootyForBiden Campaign May Have Committed Electoral Crime

She sent free nudes to followers who voted for Joe Biden.

Internet personality/IG model Tara Mongeau has over 5 million followers on Instagram and 5 million subscribers on YouTube, and as a lot of American influencers have been doing these days, has been encouraging her followers to vote.

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However the difference between Tana and every other influencer encouraging people to vote is that Tana has been telling her followers who to vote for – even giving them an incentive with her very own #BootyForBiden campaign:

In a now-deleted tweet, Tana directed followers to her OnlyFans account, with the caption:

If you send me proof you voted for Biden, I’ll send you a nude for free.

Unsurprisingly, it worked:

Just one problem. By offering free nudes in exchange for Joe Biden votes, Tana may have done something a teeny, tiny bit illegal:

Indeed, it’s completely backfired in Tana’s face after she lost her verification on YouTube:

Not sure what this means for her YouTube channel – like I said she’s got a monster following of 5m+ already – but we all know how much these influencers cherish their checkmarks and ‘verified’ status so she can’t be too happy about it.

To be fair, she’ll probably feel like it was worth it if Biden ends up pipping Trump by just a short number of votes. What better incentive to go out there and vote for your future than free nudes from some random influencer eh?

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