A Woman Has Been Accused Of Killing Her Lover, Blending His Body And Then Serving It With Rice


A real delicacy.

If I was going to think of the best way of getting away with murder, it almost certainly wouldn’t involve serving the flesh of my victim to people as food, but it seems other people have a different idea of how to go about this and think it’s a good idea to do exactly that.

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We’re in the UAE for this one where a Moroccan woman stands accused of chopping up her boyfriend’s body after murdering him and then and putting it in a blender and serving the resultant mush to Pakistani workers. Her boyfriend’s brother started to suspect her after he found her brother’s tooth in her blender after he went missing without a trace for over two weeks.


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It’s thought that the woman killed him because he told her that he wanted to leave her to marry another woman in this country. She had financially supported him for years and couldn’t accept this revelation, causing her to go mental and murder him before taking it a whole notch further and disposing of his body in a blender and then forcing people to eat it. Crazy escalation of things there?

In fairness, that is a pretty good way of disposing of the evidence, if only she hadn’t left his tooth in there as well – talk about wanting to get caught. There’s gonna be a trial in the ‘near future’ so I guess we’ll find out the truth then, but I don’t really think anyone could make something like this up so I’m banking on it being real.

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