A 12 Year Old Girl And A Paedophile Cooked A Man’s Heart And Brains And Ate Them After Killing Him

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Messed up.

Every now and again we post a really disturbing and weird story here on Sick Chirpse and this is definitely one of those times again.

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It concerns an unnamed 12 year old girl and her 22 year old ‘boyfriend’ Arkady Zverev. The pair had been staying with 21 year old Alexander Popovich in his flat in Novinka village near St Petersburg when they decided to murder him after a dispute over the amount of rent they were paying. This is when it gets weird.

Zverev claims that the 12 year old girl ordered him to kill Popovich and then to say they desecrated the body afterwards would be an understatement. They first began by stabbing him to death, then Zverev used an axe to cut off his head before the girl heated it up in the microwave. He then also chopped off Popovich’s arms too.

The girl then cut open the abdomen of the guy, cutting out his heart and brains and then frying them in a saucepan before eating them. She said that the brains tasted much nicer than the heart. Messed up.


Bizarrely, because the girl is under 14 she can’t be tried for any of these crimes despite admitting them. On the other hand, Zverev is now facing charges of murder and dismembering a corpse, as well as crimes related to sex with an underage girl.

He’s admitted killing Popovich so will probably be going away for a long time.  The girl will be placed into a special detention centre for children – no idea if she will ever be forced to face the music for her crimes or not.

It sounds like they probably need to do something about her after this though, especially as she’s also rumoured to be an administrator for the infamous death game Blue Whale. Sounds like a completely fucked up kid.

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