Enjoy These Hilarious/Weird/Disturbing Pregnancy Photos

We hope Kate Middleton had more sense than this lot.

Pregnancy, one of life’s greatest and most beautiful miracles.

Personally I think that’s bollocks and air conditioning is more of a “miracle” than getting some bint up the spout, but each to their own I guess.

There are two kinds of pregnant women in this world; the sussed, sensible ones who rock cute maternity dresses and just get on with it, and then there’s the other kind, the special snowflakes who act like they are The Only Woman To Get Pregnant Ever and must commemorate this SEMINAL, AMAZING event with an equally SEMINAL, AMAZING photograph.

Only the end result wasn’t quite what they were expecting, and luckily for us, the Internet is here to remind them of it for the rest of their lives by sharing their photovisual faux-pas with the entire planet.

After trawling through the marvellous website, the Chirpse is here with the finest selection of such images. I have decided not to include captions for each one as they largely speak for themselves. Feel free, however, to add your own.

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