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15 Stone Babies

Wow. So Channel 4 is well known for showing loads of documentaries about the latest hip new weirdoes in town but I think they really outdid themselves last night when they showed an hour long documentary about adult babies. That is grown men and women who like dressing up as babies or little kids and having their nappies changed and getting cuddles and playing with teddy bears and taking naps and whatever the hell else it is that babies do. Beard actually wrote about this a while ago here on Sick Chirpse (beat ya to the scoop Channel 4) when he wrote an article on adult baby regressive therapy back in September, but fair play to Channel 4 they took it to the next level with the documentary . Seriously.

It was like pretty much every other Channel 4 documentary in that it followed the stories of several different protagonists and was shot and edited to make them look as messed up as humanly possible. In fairness though, they probably didn’t need to do too much because these guys were seriously weird to begin with. I wanna get it out there to begin with because I’m probably gonna be kinda offensive in this article, but I have no problem with adult babies and what they’re doing and if you gotta wear a giant nappy to deal with your life then fair enough I guess, but I do think it’s really, really weird. ESPECIALLY that one dude. If you watched it you’ll know who I’m talking about.

That’s right, the American dude that was 37 who had a girlfriend who was 27 who liked pretending to be a six year old girl. When she was a six year old girl she called the dude Daddy but the rest of the time they would just be normal and go on dates and have sex and be a regular couple. That’s screwed up right? And that isn’t even the most screwed up part. The dude isn’t happy with her pretending to be a six ear old and he wants her to go further back and be a two or three year old. Now come on right? I mean if you roll with the adult baby thing, surely it’s up to the person how old they wanna act and not her creepyass boyfriend, surely? I mean this guy has basically found a loophole to indulge his potential paedophilia, right?

The boyfriend didn’t help himself anymore either by being a manipulative controlling asshole who didn’t want his girlfriend to have any friends except for him. We’ve all seen The Master dude, we know you’re trying to brainwash this girl dude. This storyline got more and more depressing until it culminated with the boyfriend getting really angry that his girlfriend threw an adult baby party with all her adult baby friends and ended with them having a conversation on camera where they both admitted to wanting completely different things from the relationship (the girl wanted a daddy every now and again, I guess the guy wanted to lock her in the house forever and have sex with her whilst she pretended to be a little baby) and then staring at each other uncomfortably. I never thought I would ever type a sentence like that one but there you go.

That story was seriously creepy but the others were just kinda weird and had moments were you actually felt sorry for the adult babies and almost understood their pain and reasoning for wanting people to wipe their butts and give them bottles.  The only thing was that immediately following those moments they would generally do something that would make you think that they were an absolute sideshow. There was one guy who wasn’t just an adult baby but also an adult baby TRANSVESTITE and liked to dress up as a little baby girl and had spent loads of money on different outfits. He was also obsessed with talcum powder. Right. It was kinda sad when he talked about not having a Dad though and how his Mom partied all the time and so wasn’t around for him when he was growing up but this was completely defused by the fact that he was throwing talcum powder around everywhere and all over himself. I’m not gonna judge but I’m sure people have dealt with those kind of problems better than this guy though.

The other main story was about a couple where the dude was an adult baby and every time after he finished his shift as a lorry driver his wife would take him upstairs and put him in a nappy and give him a bottle. It turned out that she liked being a mummy so much that they opened up a nursery together for adult babies. Business and pleasure, cool I like it. So yeah they were just doing that for most of their storyline and they seemed about as normal as people that do that kind of thing can be perceived, aside from the fact that their business was failing. You know what they say about business and pleasure – they go together like blood an oil, so maybe it wasn’t that cool an idea to begin with.

Their story was really long and kinda boring until the end where the dude decided he was going to build an S & M dungeon in the back garden to try and turn the business around. His wife wasn’t very happy about that (the whole way through the programme she had insisted there was nothing sexual about the whole nappy changing thing and this kind of completely undermined her so you can kinda understand why) and it did invite the very obvious question as to whether or not this guy was some kind of weird sexual deviant with a nappy changing fetish or not. In fairness he seemed relatively together during the rest of the show until this big reveal so I’m unsure, but probably he was a sexual weirdo due to the fact he wanted to focus on an S & M dungeon rather than the nursery. He had also started taking on a role as a Daddy at the nursery and changed 19 year old girls nappies regularly, which regardless of his intentions he probably shouldn’t be admitting on camera.

So yeah, freaky show. If you missed it you can catch it on 4OD HERE. I don’t really know what to make of it. I mean obviously these guys have some kind of problems if they like to dress up as babies but I think that they can probably find better ways to deal with these problems than to dress up as babies and wear giant nappies. Everyone has their own shit to deal with though so who am I to judge? It is pretty weird though and there was definitely something up with that American guy, the filmmakers really should have reported him to the police or something. But yeah, I’m not gonna be trying out life as an adult baby anytime soon but I’m happy for these guys to keep doing it, especially if we get more documentaries like this.

My views were fairly on the fence on that, so here’s what twitter had to say about it. As always, there are countless classic comments and a couple of celebrity tweets from Curtis Obeng!!! Wow!!! Yeah I dunno who he is either but apparently he’s a Swansea player who’s currently on loan at Fleetwood town. COOL.

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