Moroccan Woman Was Pregnant With 46-Year-Old Stone Baby; Yes, A Baby Made From Stone

As if the prospect of giving birth wasn’t horrifying enough, this Moroccan lady found she had been pregnant for 46 years, and the baby inside her had turned into stone.

I suppose the Old Guy in the Sky must have decided that pregnancy and birth, a grotesque carnival of bleeding, pooping, tearing, screaming and cutting just wasn’t quite grim enough for his liking. Like a desensitised audience to the horror flick of life, we were now used to the idea so on the 30,000000th day, He created stone babies. It sounds like an old wives tale used to deter potential extra-marital births except this, to the great heaving of my stomach, is true.

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One upon a time, a seventy-something year old woman from Morocco is admitted to hospital with severe abdominal pains. Blah blah blah, plot, confusion, doctors etc BOOM! Stone baby!

The woman was in fact still carrying a pretty much fully formed baby inside her which had been preserved and ‘calcified’ (hence stone baby)and hung on for FOURTY SIX YEARS!!!!! Now there’s clingy then there’s clingy.

If that’s not enough to entice your morbid interest, at some point during the video with no warning whatsoever, the doctors split the baby in half. Mouth vom.

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