Watch This Woman Casually Rip Open And Take A Bite Out Of A Display Watermelon


I’m not a big fan of watermelon but I know some people out there who absolutely love it – I don’t think any of them would act like the woman in the video below though who comes across completely and utterly unhinged.

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The woman was walking along the street in East London when she was so taken by a delicious looking watermelon on display at a corner shop that she felt like there was no other option for her other than to rip open the plastic covering and take a bite out of it before carrying on with her business like what she was doing was completely normal. Take a look at this security footage and turn the sound up if you want a lol too:

Lol. What an absolute maniac. I guess that’s just what’s happening on the streets of East London these days though. Watch out.

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