WATCH: Terrifying POV Footage Of A Killer Whale Trailing A Surfer

If a killer whale takes a shine to you, you should be very afraid indeed.

How many times do I have to warn you guys? Stay out of the water. It’s not safe in there, the place is filled to the brim with death, rage and insanity. The following video is yet another reason to scream “NO” whenever someone invites you for a swim in the sea.

This video is something else. Some fella in New Zealand is stood up on his surfboard having a gay old time when a huge killer whale sneaks up from behind and takes more than a passing interest in him and his board.

I imagine the fella is proper pooping his panties, but then again, if he’s out there in the first place he must be fairly hardcore and/or daft.

Check this out:

Perhaps not quite as terrifying as that footage of the whales photobombing some divers though. That was epic.


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