WATCH: Surfers Surfing During New York Blizzard

Fancy a dip during a big freeze?

Two words: Fuck. That. Surfing is daft enough any way, I mean, you’re constantly dodging the Kraken and other submarine demons, and you could drown at pretty much any moment. So I already think that surfing is utter madness, but doing it during a snowstorm is ridiculous.

The footage below is shot by a couple who decide that a snow storm is no reason to change your plans. To be fair they seem like they’re catching some pretty decent waves, but I don’t know how much fun they can be having when it’s that cold. I had to go and put an extra pair of socks on after watching this:

Yeah, so I won’t be doing that any time soon. If that video’s bummed you out, watch this one with a surfing pig to put you back in the zone.



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