Watch Logan Paul Get Knocked Out By A Professional UFC Fighter


Ever since Logan Paul first got into boxing with the whole KSI thing, he’s been talking about taking the next step and getting into MMA – even though he eventually lost his boxing match against KSI – but it looks like those first steps haven’t gone so well after he was KOed by UFC fighter Paolo Costa.

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Costa is a 13-0 undefeated fighter in the UFC so it wasn’t really surprising that he handed Paul his ass when he stepped into the Octagon with him. As you can see from the video, Paul did manage to get some shots off but it wasn’t long before he was getting put down in brutal fashion (the fighting starts around 3 minutes, would recommend not bothering watching the rest of the video if you want to retain your braincells) :

Oh damn he got tagged good didn’t he? In fairness to the guy though, in the rest of the video when he’s wrestling Costa he actually looks pretty decent. I know that this video is probably edited with that intention, but the fact is it’s well known that he has a wrestling background and he must have at least had that one 20 second spell when he looked OK for it to exist. Whether or not that’s enough to carry him in an actual MMA fight though is anyone’s guess.

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